At AHK we are dedicated to our profession.


Architectural Design

We offer a complete range of professional services designed and tailored for the whole cycle of construction projects. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of all our clients across all building sectors, no matter what their project size is. If you need interior design for your studio or your complete industrial complex, be sure that you will receive trustworthy, high quality service.

Structural Design

Whether the project is a new construction, restoration or adaptive reuse, our structural design concepts - steel or concrete - aim to satisfy both architectural requirements and users' demands. Optimizing design concepts is our target.


For mechanical, electrical, HVAC, communication, environmental and fire safety services, our firm is affiliated to competent professional consultants that execute these tasks, while we ensure the efficient integration of all interfaces.

Project Management

With AHK Consultants' highly experienced project management team we are able to handle various tasks ranging from feasibility studies, value engineering, material management, budget control, processing official permits, bidding and tendering procedures, proposal evaluation, to overall management of the whole construction process.

Construction Supervision

When projects move from the comprehensive design phase to the reality of on-site construction, the AHK supervision team is present on site to coordinate interfaces; control schedules, budgets and cash flow while, simultaneously, ensuring efficiency and quality.