At AHK Consultants... design matters, and construction matters too.

Our approach is architect led design building. When architects manage and supervise their designs in a construction process, buildings emerge as better, more functional structures.

Our practice has always been inclusive. From designer to builder to owner to developer, we do what it takes and care how it is done. "Outside our scope" is not in our vocabulary.

Our work is diverse and recognizable. Our range of projects from houses to schools, mosques, industrial complexes, community centers, hotels, university buildings, recreation centers, and the restoration of heritage buildings, stand out as unique structures, because each project is special. .

We are dedicated to the needs and requirements of our clients. It is their stories we want to tell!

Our Practice & Clients

We design, supervise construction and manage projects for clients from all walks of life.

Our goal is to cater for both the clients' vision and ours, creating comfortably functional spaces for all users, whether they be

children, youth, young adults or faculty members.


The variety is great: Banks, Social and Sports Clubs, Hotels, Offices and Showrooms.


It all began in 1956 with the famous EDFINA Preserves factory, and since then, our involvement in designing industrial plants continues, and still offers a different challenge every time.


From a small, private medical facility to a mega teaching hospital, we do it all. Indeed, our design input in healthcare facilities continues with a novel technical approach.


Our design portfolio in residential facilities caters for the specific individual needs of each client, ensuring that his/her needs and vision of a comfortable home are addressed.


Our experience ranges from mixed use developments to comprehensive economical housing that underline the creation of a neighborhood friendly environment.


We tailor interiors for each project that enhance its specific individual identity, and creatively use materials and color, while always focusing on intelligently designed details.

Our People

Our team is a diverse group of people. We have architects, structural and environmental engineers, quality control specialists, and consultants in all engineering areas of specialization. The team members compliment each other, and their age brackets that range from fresh graduates in their early twenties, to experienced architects and engineers, bold and conservative, work together in harmony to create an ideal learning space for all.

The men and women of our team enhance and underline the vision of AHK as a school of consultant architects that has endeavored, over the past sixty years, to maintain excellence as its goal.